Hi Everyone! I had a right colectomy on May 14th, feel I did really well with it and had follow up last week. I was told I am a stage 3, T3 (not certain what that means, there was a lot of information thrown at us), N1 and will start chemo on July 6th. It will be this CapOx. An IV infusion followed by oral medication for two weeks then off a week for 5 cycles. I am just wondering if anyone else has been on this CapOx and how you made out. What were your side effects? Is there hair loss or thinning? Weight gain or loss? I have read much about the cold intolerance to the hands, sounds as if it is a common side effect. Any information is appreciated.

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Thomas sent you a hug.
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I have posted the link to this post on my page, asking pals who have advice/info on this drug to respond. Paws and fingers crossed! Hugs and tailwags :*)
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Thank you Thomas!
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Others more versed than I on CapOx. Em had the oxaliplatin with 5FU only one time before she could no longer do chemo. Sorry I can't add to the info. I will wish you strength and good thoughts for the chemo, and I will say.......You got this.
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I DO!! Going in with positive attitude (I think)!! I think I'll stop researching it and just experience it and see what happens. By the way Neal, I owe you thanks for your response a while back. I was going to have the surgery at a small, local hospital but the day prior went for a second opinion at University of Penn. I really made out great!! The "top doc" 2017 did my surgery, I left two days earlier than expected and required pain meds the first 24 hours and that was it!!Thank you, Neal for lighting that fire under me!!!!!
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Cap I think is the oral form of 5fu. My wife did several rounds of Folfox plus avistan which is what is standard for colon and rectal cancer. The avistan was added as she was stage four. She will be very sensitive to cold. My wife went as far as drinking warm water. The other thing is potential for mouth soars. Use biotene toothpaste and mouth was. Her hair thinned but she did not loose it. She did get a wig because she has anemia so bad that the hair was in poor shape before she started. The biggest side affect is from the oxy. Neuropathy in her feet. Watch that one. It’s almost been a year and her feet still tingle. Good luck you can do this. I’ll post more when I get on a real computer so I can type.
Thank you for your response Nathan
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